Trigger Point Performance Therapy Continuing Education Courses with Personal Training Academy

Personal Training Academy is pleased to be the Education Partner for this exciting series of courses in Australia. Trigger Point courses teach you how to administer muscle manipulations designed to improve your mobility and muscle elasticity – and therefore, your performance. The courses are designed for athletes, trainers and anyone interested in maintaining a healthy body. By knowing how your body functions, you can stop the destructive cycle that hampers performance; unlock your body and allow yourself to move. Trigger Point Performance Therapy is a remedy and treatment for common ailments such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, IT band pain, general knee pain, foot pain, lower back pain and more.

Untitled 11 Trigger Point Performance

Using the Trigger Point tools contained in the Total Body Kit, our experts will define and work through six major areas of the body that we feel are key players in the human bio mechanical chain.

We will then build upon this Ultimate 6 foundation and target other areas, resulting in even greater efficiency of movement.

You will learn how to teach the specific manipulations to your clients and ensure they are getting the greatest benefit for their time and effort. This class will be hands-on, requiring participants to demonstrate their knowledge practically throughout the day.

Price $295

Untitled 2 Trigger Point Performance

This course uses the unique GRID foam roller to seriously challenge the core while delivering self myofascial release.

Over a full course day, you’ll go through three levels: Level 1 engages the core and teaches the foundational “push-pull” movements needed to perform all the SMRT-CORE exercises, increasing strength and stability. Level 2 adds intensity with a ‘press’ after many ‘push-pull’ exercises to build power, increasingly work the core and further improve performance. Level 3 takes the “push-pull-press” and adds a “pause” at the peak intensity of each movement.

Price: $345 – note – course price INCLUDES product to take home!